Marvin Wilenzik
Project Type: New Construction
Bluffton South Carolina

Several days ago, a friend of mine who had spent some time in Hilton Head, remarked to me about the difference in the quality of homes he had been in. It was easy for me to let him know that had he been in our home – the home you constructed – he would have seen the epitome of quality. You are aware that I unhesitatingly tell people who visit us that this is a Highsmith house. I do that with great pride in your craftsmanship. Throughout the process of building the home, your personal involvement was apparent. Equally apparent was the pride of the people who work for you. It is clear the long relationship of your subs, with you, is vital to the end product. Beyond all of this, your willingness – in face, your energy – in addressing any matter that arose after construction was notable.

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The Wilenzik Testimonial The Wilenzik Testimonial (623 KB)

J. Patrick Mohan
Project Type: New Construction
Palmetto Bluff
Bluffton, South Carolina

Just a note on behalf of both Lee and me to say thank you for the wonderful home you and your team built for us in Palmetto Bluff. To say that we are thrilled with it is an understatement. We simply enjoy it more each day.

We know that the design of our house presented some interesting construction issues, e.g., the curve and working around the snag, but you worked through them with grace and apparent ease. Your thoughts and ideas contributed to a great final product, building on a great plan to make the features in the house even better. Without your input along the way, and sometimes insistence that we revisit what we thought we were going to do, the finish work in the house wouldn't pop the way it does.

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The Mohan Testimonial The Mohan Testimonial (832 KB)

John & Rachel Jakes
Project Type: Addition
Spanish Wells Plantation
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Highsmith Construction stepped up to the challenge of a difficult architectural concept and executed it handsomely, creating a two-story section of our home which quickly became our favorite place to be over the last decade. We’d recommend Joe and his crew without reservation ~ not the least expensive builders you can find, just the best.

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The Jakes Testimonial The Jakes Testimonial (577 KB)

Ernie and Barbara Lindblad
Project Type: Remodel
Windmill Harbour
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"Barbara and I were most pleased with the level of professionalism and integrity we encountered from Joe Highsmith and his company's employees, with a recent major renovation to our Windmill Harbour townhouse.They assisted us in the overall design, and provided unique ideas to the final plan.
Living in Connecticut, and New Hampshire at the time, we depended upon Joe's teams' ability to carry out our wishes of completing a complex set of changes, while needing assurances from a far distance, that all changes were being carried out satisfactorily, within budget, and on time. The monthly bookkeeping statements were clear and made it easy for us to track expenditures including change orders. We were delighted with the final results. We would recommend Highsmith Construction to all interested parties, and would be happy to discuss our oveall experience".

Becky Roser
Project Type: Remodel
Spring Island, South Carolina

"Our home on Spring Island…we couldn’t have done it without you! The project wasn’t simply a remodel, it was a rebuild. Highsmith Construction was central to the team which also included the architect, the interior designer, the landscapers and the dreaming homeowners. You had practical, imaginative ideas from the outset that resulted in creating a very comfortable, livable home, which was constructed with pride.

It was always a pleasure to meet with you, Joe, your subs and regular employees. We quickly learned to rely on your recommendations; we knew that you would follow through in a timely, efficient way. You kept us well-informed throughout the rebuilding process which was so important to us living 1600 miles away. We appreciated your energy, your insight and your ethics.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Highsmith Construction to anyone considering new residential construction, major remodeling, or rebuilding."